Anna is our 1927 Steilsteven Dutch Barge

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As I hurtled headlong towards retirement and as Annie became eligible for an early pension we had a bit of luck.  Annie’s position at ITV was made redundant.

The opportunity was too good to pass by and we decided to change our lives before we, or to be more accurate, I, was too old.

Our passion is sailing but it was unrealistic to expect our dogs to live on a sailing boat at sea so we decided to buy an old Dutch barge and spend the next few years cruising the French waterways.

It took a while but in July 2009 we became the proud owners of Anna.  She was built in 1927 in Holland and we love her.   We rented out our home in the UK, sailed Anna across the channel, and by early August we and our two Bearded Collies, Boris and Brushka were living in our new floating home in France.

We are working our way down to the south of France at a gentle pace. Stopping along the way whenever we choose and enjoying the journey.

At 26.5 x 5 metres Anna is big.  Outside she bears many battle scars and is full of character, but inside she has been completely rebuilt and is a large modern floating three bedroom apartment. We are really enjoying living on her and every day is different.

We have set up this website in the hope of sharing the adventure with our friends and families.

                                                                                               7th April 2010

mark and annie pigden

07872 222 983

on Anna, somewhere in france